Meth contamination

Providing quality product and service delivery at competitive prices

The goal of ECS is to be the most innovative market leader in methamphetamine (P) decontamination and remediation to provide clients with peace of mind and superior service.

Our friendly and professionally qualified personnel are highly skilled and committed to using innovative technology to deliver more advanced and effective results for our clients.

We distinguish ourselves from other providers with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the unique nature and complexity of methamphetamine contamination. Our team is committed to the processes ECS has developed to ensure that every remediation project exceeds industry standards, on time and within our competitive pricing.

Methamphetamine or P contamination and chemical residue can cause serious health effects

Methamphetamine or P contamination has been scientifically proven to cause significant and adverse health risks to innocent occupants residing in residential premises where the drug has been consumed. Depending on the level of contamination, symptoms can range from being respiratory, cardiovascular or dermatological in nature.

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What ECS provides to you, the Homeowner

We will analyse the testing company report and laboratory test results provided by the Homeowner and provide a written quotation and Scope of Works detailing the remediation plan to be undertaken in order to successfully decontaminate your property of contamination in accordance with the Ministry of Health NZS8510:2017 guidelines.

After decontamination is completed, the testing company is to retest those areas included in the decontamination process to ensure the property has been successfully decontaminated to below the NZS8510:2017 level of 1.5ug.

We unconditionally GUARANTEE to decontaminate the contracted areas of your property to below the NZS8510:2017 guideline of 1.5µg/100cm².

A Clearance Certificate & Final Report shall then be provided to the Homeowner.

Optional additional services offered

For those busy clients who wish to redecorate their home following the decontamination process, we offer an inhouse interior design service by a qualified and experienced interior designer. This includes colour schemes, design features and coordinating with specialist trades people for any work you decide to be carried out.

Meth contamination

Achieve Peace of Mind with Thorough Meth Decontamination

At Extreme Cleaning Solutions - ECS, we understand the critical importance of a thorough meth decontamination process. Making a property safe for occupation again is an involved process because the harmful residues are virtually invisible to the naked eye. We strive to be among the most innovative leaders in meth remediation, delivering exceptional quality and service at the right price point.

The unfortunate reality is that prolonged meth use in a home can cause negative health effects later for those who occupy the space. These effects can be skin-related, breathing-related, or may even impact heart health. As such, experience matters when it comes to deep cleaning after meth contamination. 

Our distinguished team has detailed knowledge about this complex process and how to undertake it successfully. We deliver on-time results that don't just meet industry standards for safety – we exceed them at every opportunity.

Our Proven Approach to Meth Decontamination Cleaning

The first step is always to undertake certified laboratory testing of samples taken from your property. We must first know the extent of the contamination and its primary areas of concentration. When you provide our team with these laboratory results, we'll get started.

First, we review the tests and create a tailored, written quote for your review. This quote includes a full Scope of Works in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, NZS8510:2017. When you agree to the plan, we'll set a date and begin the cleaning process.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and special cleaning products to undertake extensive decontamination efforts. Our teams are adept at cleaning both lightly soiled properties and those heavily contaminated by drug manufacturing. 

Our goal is always to produce results that test below the NZS8510:2017 guideline of 1.5µg/100cm². Upon cleaning completion, we will have your testing company re-evaluate the property according to that metric. We will then provide you with a Final Report and a Clearance Certificate.

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Meth decontamination

We Guarantee Results, Every Time

At Extreme Cleaning Solutions - ECS, we unconditionally guarantee that our meth solutions will make your property pass the test and register below the legally established limits. If an area fails, we will reclean the zone at no charge beyond the retesting fee. This is our promise of quality to you. Speak to our team today and take the first steps towards a clean, healthy home.

Our distinguished team has detailed knowledge about this complex process and how to undertake it successfully. We deliver on-time results that don't just meet industry standards for safety – we exceed them at every opportunity.

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