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Meth decontamination

It is costly to own and hazardous to occupy properties contaminated with P / Methamphetamine

ECS is an industry leader in its revolutionary processes for P / methamphetamine chemical decontamination. Through extensive research and testing in association with a leading NZ laboratory, it is ECS's opinion that we have developed the most effective and efficient remediation processes available in New Zealand. Through the combination of exclusive proprietary chemicals and state of the art equipment, ECS guarantees the full decontamination process of your property.

Methamphetamine or P contamination and chemical residue can cause serious health effects

Methamphetamine or P contamination has been scientifically proven to cause significant and adverse health risks to innocent occupants residing in residential premises where the drug has been consumed. Depending on the level of contamination, symptoms can range from being respiratory, cardiovascular or dermatological in nature.


Over 40 years combined cleaning experience in the executive team

All ECS management and employees are highly trained in the P / methamphetamine remediation process. This allows us to deliver industry leading results to our clients.

Mould remediation and protection

ECS has a proven unique mould preventative product from a US manufacturer which is US EPA registered and the factory ISO9001: 2008 compliant. This product can be easily applied to clean surfaces after the decontamination of methamphetamine giving home owners long lasting protection from the harmful effects of mould and mildew presence. This unique protection can be applied by ECS while they are at your home for a small additional cost.

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